Tips to teach children dress themselves

Hi everyone! Today, I will continue series of “tips to teach children dress themselves” by sharing with you about other tips to teach children dress tops and socks/tights. Hope that all of you will enjoy it!

How to teach children dress tops

Remember that your kids can only pull one over their head and they can’t fit or hood shirts, turtlenecks. So you can expect that they possibly be backward or inside-out tops. Help her dress easily by picking roomy tops with ample armholes and designs on the front.

Teach them dress socks and tights

How to use color

Socks with well-shaped, colored heels can help your children position them right. So Let her get the sock fully on their foot (either by grabbing the opening with both hands or by “scrunching” the material down to the toe and pulling on), then help them twist it into position. And you also need to show them that: “Your heel goes where the gray color is!”

Think carefully about tights

Tights are great accessories combined with dress but often frustrate mothers and baby girls to get on. You should choose tights made of heavier sweater material (not thin nylon) since it is easier for your angels to grip and pull. And don’t forget trimming your kids’ toenails to help ragged edges don’t snag. As dressing pants, your kids should sit on a stool or step, scrunch up the fabric, then put one leg in, pull up just over the knee, and switch to the other leg. When both are in, pull them up!

How to teach children wear shoes

What can your kids do? Actually, they can put shoes on their feet, but they can get trouble with lace, ties and choosing the right feet.

Teach them tying laces

At first, let your kids try out to practicing with a shoe like an old sneaker. To simplify your instructions, you should put two different-color laces on the shoe then teach them that “now cross the while lace over the red one…”

Begin with bunny ears

Teach kids make loops in each shoelace, then across them in an X, tuck one through the hole and tighten. Make your lesson easy to understand and remember buy saying “Make two bunny ears. The bunny runs around the tree. The bunny jumps in a hole. Close it up tight!”

Move on to single loop

Show your kids to start by making an “X”. At first, teach your children tuck one lace through and pull it tight. After that, say “loop it” (it means let him make a loop with right hand),  “swoop it” (it means pull lace around the loop by left hand) and “pull up” (let him tuck left lace into the hole and pull it through)

That is how to teach children wear shoes. Hope that my article will help your lesson become easy to learn and your angels can wear shoes well.

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