Tips to teach children dress themselves

tips to teach kid dress themselves

If your children can dress themselves, it will be an achievement. Initially, independent dressing may be difficult and need to be taught and practiced. Today, I will share with you some tips to teach children dress themselves.

Dressing such as coats, sweatshirts and other baby top

Buy a slightly larger coat

A slightly bigger coat can help your child put on and take it off easily without entirely unzipping it. You should know that it is difficult for your kids to connect the zipper by themselves.  

Let your child practice dressing stuffed animals.

It is a good idea to let them practice putting a baby clothes on a stuffed animal before they dress themselves. They can understand the steps and dress themselves easier.

Teach your kids step by stepteach kid dress themselves 2

Firstly, put the sweater or open coat face up on the floor in front of your kids. The hood or neck ought to be the nearest to their body. Let them kneel down and put their arms through the sleeves. Then stand up and raise them toward the ceiling. And the coat is flipped over his head onto his back. That’s easy!

I have shared with about some tips to help your children dress coats, sweatshirts and other baby top clothing t by themselves. The next posts will mention about tips to dress other children clothing.

How to dress pants

Buy elastic waistbands, avoid button flies

When buying pants for your children, you should know that they will have difficulties with button and zipper combos. So instead of buying button flies, choosing elastic waistbands. You can find popular elastic waistbands such as kid smock, knit outfit or knit pant and legging. Check all designs of kids smocked clothing that is easy for kids to dress themselves.

Help your kids balanceteach kid dress themselves

Before teaching kids dress themselves, you should remember that kids can’t balance well enough to put on pants or shorts, while standing. And beds are also not a good choice since they are often too high for them to sit on. So have your child perch on a low step, chair, or stool. To dress pants, you need to coach him to insert one leg and push through so his foot lands directly on the floor. Let him pull pants just past her/his knee and repeat with his second leg. After that, stand up and pull everything up over his backside. To help your angel dress fluently, make sure that you keep your kids practicing regularly.

I have share with you about how to dress pants. Please wait for the next post to find more useful information!


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