Some different types of smocked patterns (Part 2)

Do you know different types of smocked patterns? In the part 1, I shared with you the first type – counterchange smocking. Come to part 2, I will continue mentioning other types of smocked patterns. Let’s read now and discover!

Second type is Canadian Smocking, aka Lattice Smocking, aka American smocking, aka North American Smocking. This style is popular and beautiful to make smocked clothing. This technique is worked on the backside of the fabric creating the unique and consistent folds on the front by making those dots again. The dots were then stitched on in a pattern and pulled up to make a three dimensional design.

Another type is Italian Smocking, aka Italian shirring. This smocking is done on already pleated fabric, as in pleated on a pleater, and then working the stitches of the pattern thru the pleats. In this method the holding threads are then pulled out and the pattern is formed.

Next is Picture Smocking. This is difficult and elusive. Picture smocking is just what its name implies, smocked fabric with stitching that is pictorial. It could be animal, car, truck, tree… Anything can be turned into picture smocking. Picture smocking is stitched onto pleated fabric once again but the pictures come from stacked cables. And it is not easy to stack cables. You need to get them smooth to look right and there are all sorts of tricks to do that.

Final technique is English Smocking. English smocking is worked on pleated fabric. The fabric can be pleated by hand with the aid of something called Knotts Dots or it can be pleated in a pleater. Once the fabric is pleated stitches are applied, gathering up tiny parts of the pleats in a pattern that makes a geometric design.

That’s all different types of smocked patterns I want to share with you. Let’s visit website and to see more beautiful smocked patterns for children clothing.



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    My boys love this kind of stuff ~ action, adventure, Christian based, and knights. We’ve been wanting to read these for awhile now!.-= Michelle´s last blog ..someHchool Highlights Weeks 8 and 9 =-.

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