How to remove blood stains from clothes


A dried blood stain on your can still be removed and it is not so difficult with many mothers. There are many removal methods to use but you have to make sure to use a method fitted for the fabric type of best baby clothes you want to remove. Mothers wouldn’t want to cause damage to your . With any method, make sure to test the solution you are going to use on a hidden spot on the kid clothes before using. You can apply the removal methods below are for washable clothes.

Soap and water method

Remove blood stains never easy

This is one of the simplest methods you can use to remove dried blood stains from . Any soap can be used, but traditional solid block laundry soap is more effective than soaps containing skin moisturisers. The key to success in this method is a combination of technique and rubbing the between one’s hands. This method is especially suited to stain on natural fibers such as linen and cotton. You can follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is flushing the dried blood stain with cold water to remove any loosely attached elements of the stain on .
  2. Then rub laundry soap into the stain generously of , until a thick, creamy lather is produced.
  3. You continue rolling an area of surrounding the stain in each hand to provide a good grip on the area where the stain itself is located.
  4. After that you align the stain carefully to rub it against itself rather than against your skin, in order to reduce the chance of skin abrasion or blisters whilst yet maximizing friction on the stain of . Gloves may be worn to protect your skin.
  5. By rubbing with good speed, the friction will slowly loosen the remaining particles of blood, and the lather will carry them in suspension to prevent them from re-adhering to the .
  6. You should flush periodically the stain with fresh water and re-apply the soap as you work.
  7. With each small area that it is possible to work upon at one time may take from five to ten minutes to be cleared of traces of blood, depending on the rubbing technique and your experience.

We give the first simplest method of removing dried blood stains on . You can see other good methods in the next ’s blogs. We will help you remove them thoroughly to bring clean clothes for your babies.

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