What are reasons to line dry laundry of smocked infant clothing

In this article, we would like to share some useful experience to help mothers make the best choice of using line dry laundry for smocked infant clothing.

Gentle on smocked infant clothes

Line dry is good for infant smocked clothes

When you use a dryer for your smocked infant clothing, it can cause wear and strain on clothing seams and buttons if you toss and tumble them in a dryer. And Line drying is the best choice for smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing because it is gentler to all fibers

Physical activity by using line dry laundry for smocked infant suits

Hanging up clothes is also a healthy activity for both parents and kids

One of other reason to make a choice of line dry laundry for smocked clothes is that hanging up laundry is a physical activity which you can do inside or outside. So healthy! Good effects of using line dry laundry.

Good effects of using line dry laundry


I have to mention more about good effects of sunlight. It helps to bleach and disinfect laundry on smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothes. This is also particularly beneficial for sheets, towels, and diapers. However, with dark smocked baby clothing it can cause harm so you should keep them in the shade.

Until now, you can see many good reasons to give a vote for using daily line dry laundry of smocked baby clothes. Find more reasons at the next part…

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