How to make baby hair clip? (Part 2)

In the last part, I shared with you the first step to make baby hair clip. Today, I will continue mention the rest steps. Let’s read and practice now! It’s so easy!

Handmade flower embellishments

After covering alligator hair clip in ribbon, we can make a flower embellishment to decorate hair clip.

– Take a circle of fabric and fold it in half

– Sew along the edge of the half circle and keep the thread loose.

– Gently pull the thread outward to form the petal of the flower.

– Continue to make more petals in the same way.

– For a three-petal flower, just sew to connect the three petals together.

– Sew to connect five petals to make a five-petal flower.

– Glue pearl beads (three large beads surrounded by small beads) to the center of the three-petal flower.

– Glue pearl beads (one large bead and six medium beads) to the center of the five-petal flower.

– Glue a basic hair clip to the back of the fabric flowers. This pretty fabric flower hair clip is ready.

How to attach your embellishment onto an alligator hair clip

– Cut a circle of felt just slightly smaller than your flower’s base.

– Clasp it in between the baby hair clip’s prongs and position it where you would like your flower to be attached.

– Cover the top of the felt circle and hair clip with hot glue and then firmly press down the flower onto this region to attach it securely in place.

And here is the finished baby hair clip. Just do follow these simple steps, you can make your own hair clips for your angels. It’s is not only meaningful but also help you save money on baby hair accessories!

Thanks for reading!

Amy from Leawe team!



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