How to choose smocked dress for baby girls (Part 2)

In the previous part, you may know well about some tips for choosing cute smocked dress for your little girl. What about other factors? The article below will help you discover more about choosing girl smocked dress. Let’s follow!

flower and geometric smocked dress

  1. Choose colors

Our girl’s characteristic is expressed through what they wear. Color is also an important part when choosing smocking dress for our daughter. How to choose colors that are not only personal but cute as well? From my point of view, girls seem to be suitable with red, pink, green or yellow colors. So, you can choose many models of Babeeni smocking design with these colors such as smocked bishop dress, smocked sundress or A-line dress

In addition, you have many other choices for purple, blue, lime green. These colors will make your children both attractive and cute.

  1. Choose patterns

Pattern is an indispensable part in a smocked dress. Lovely embroidery patterns are extremely loved by our children. You should consider patterns which are related to each occasion or suitable with each season. For example, referring to Halloween, people will associate it with symbols like pumpkin, cat, boo or cute ghost such as cute animals. And for summer, cute animals, ice-cream, beach, tree or fruit are the best idea for moms to choose the smocked designs. All of them are decorated harmoniously and gorgeously. You can visit to see full range of smocked products and choose the most favorable dress for your daughter.

  1. Some popular smocked girl dresses.

Let’s refer to some below typical styles. I’ll show what I shared above about some forms of girl smocked dresses.

pink geometric hand smocked dress

Feature: Adorable pink geometric smocked dress for baby girl, geometric hand smocked pattern on the chest, button at back for easy dressing, short sleeve.

Beautiful Cinderella smocked dress

Feature:  Adorable girl smocked dress with Cinderella princess, fairy, castle and carriage smocked pattern on the chest

cupcake smocked bishop dress

Feature: Girls smocked bishop dress with cute cupcakes smocked pattern on the neckline, sleeveless, buttons at back for dressing

That’s all I want to give you about picking up the cutest smocked dress for little girl. Hope you have more experience after reading this article. Let’s take some minutes to visit



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