Cute smocked girl outfit at Lewave (Part 1)

Smocked girl outfit is one of popular styles of  children smocked clothing. Many mothers like to dress smocked outfits for their angels because they are lovely and comfortable. Today, I’m very glad to give you some information about kid smocked outfit. Hope that it will be interesting!

  1. Which smocked pattern is embroidered on the smocked girl outfit?

Smocked pattern of smocked girl outfit is always geometric smocking pattern or geometric which is combined with flowers smocked pattern. They are considered as main patterns of UK smocked clothing. Additionally, to diversify the collection, insprired from Cinderella movie, Lewave inserts many characters from the movie like Cinderella princess, prince, Jaq, Gus or Perla, etc. These smocked patterns appear exquisitely on the smocked outfit. Commonly, they are embroidered on the bodice, on the chest or neck of the top.

Smocked patterns of Lewave smocked outfit for girls are 100% hand smocking technic. Over the past many years, Lewave often offers the most impressive smocking outfit with charming smocked patterns to satisfy customers.

  1. Which fabric Lewave uses to make smocked outfit for girls?

As we know, since baby’s skin is so delicate, parents always pay attention to materials when it comes to selecting children clothing. Understanding this concern of parents, Lewave chooses cotton as the main fabric to make smocked children clothing in general and girl smocked outfit in particular. Cotton is considered as the safest material with baby’s skin since cotton is well absorbent and breathable. Parents can totally be assured when their kids join in any activity. Surely, they will be very comfortable.

Plain, quatrefoil and polka dot with 100% cotton are used to create beautiful smocked outfit for baby girl. They are all lovely and safe.

I have introduced two general information of smocked girl outfit at Lewave. Let’s think of what I will mention in the next article. If you want to know more, please wait and read the next part.

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