Cool Boy Smocked Longalls for Christmas

When it comes to body suit style, everyone known that jumpers are the most popular choice for little boys. We have also known jumpers in another names that shortall and longall to distinguish between long version and short version. Mommies usually select them to dress for their sons, especially toddlers who start learning to crawl or walk. If you want him to stand out in this Christmas holiday, here are some coolest smocked longall designs you should not ignore.

However, Christmas costumes come variety of styles but smocked longall is always a favorite selection of parents when Christmas holiday approaching. Because they easily to wear and let children be free to play all the day long. Otherwise, all smocked longalls are created with the full of holiday spirit in design. We can divide them into three categories: classic, traditional and modern longall.

Santa Claus gift longall

For mothers who are wondering to buy one traditional smocked longall for little gentleman, this model will be completely suitable. Red and green are main colors of Christmas costumes. In addition, Christmas will not full if it’s insufficiency of multi-color boxes which are placed under the Xmas tree as beautiful gifts for children. That’s all nice things will show off on this cute boy smocked longall below.


Material: Red fabric

Technique: Hand smocked

Car plaid smocked longall

If your son prefers to pick clothes in classic style, a plaid smocked longall will be what you are searching for. Classic styles tend to simple in design and not too brilliant in color. As you can see at model BB563, this longall is only adorned with two red buttons on the shoulder, three-car smocked patterns across the chest and no attires on the body.


Material: Plaid fabric

Technique: Hand smocked

Snowman Santa Claus longall

Let imagine we have a longall design that is a mixture between classic style and colorful of traditional value, that’s perfect one for little boys. Try to dress him with our Snowman Santa longall. Features of this model is an adorable snowman and Santa Claus pattern on the chest, lime green brings the fresh look for Christmas. Mothers can believe that your little one will be different enough to stand out among his friend group.

Material: Lime green fabric

Technique: Hand smocked


Which is your favorite boy smocked longall? Do not hesitate to visit our website at to see other cool Christmas smocked longalls. There will be great if you share cute pics of your son with us while he is wearing our longall.

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