2 essential rules when choosing boy smocked outfit

When choosing boy smocked outfit for your son, there are 2 important rules for you to remember. They are about fabric and suitability. Have you clearly understand about them?

essential rules to choose boy smocked outfit


It will take quite much effort and time to appraise the quality of each kind of fabrics. Yet, you should consider the following aspects when selecting:

– Reasonable weight: Each kind of smocked clothes has a different heft. For instance, winter apparels are often sewed more thickly than the summer ones. You should select the appropriate avoirdupois in each season.

– Unmixed fabric: If the smocked attire is cotton, it must comprise 100% cotton in the fabric. Types of mixed fabrics also have their own beauty. However, you should not buy garbs with these types if they have the main material less than 95% in the mix rate.

– The textile line must be equal: It will not be nice if the boy smocked garment is sewed thinly at one position and thickly at another position, right?


When choosing raiment, this is one of the most basic elements. There will be not any values in the smocked togs anymore if they are too tight or wide to boys, no matter how they are nice. Nevertheless, this does not mean that any clothes are nice if they fit wearers. You can refer the following kinds of boy smocked outfit:


Avoiding jackets which are baggy or too tight are your key purpose. It is necessary for the following elements to be considered for an ideal jacket:

  • The button will be affected if the hip part is too tight or wide.
  • The two lappets must be wide enough for wearers to touch the inside pocket. It must fit the chest part, too.
  • The jacket must be long over the belt.

Boy smocked jacket and shirt set

Others (from shirt to T-shirt)

  • The seam at shoulder part must be set at the intersection of arm and shoulder.
  • The collar should not be tightened since this can create difficulties when closing the collar button (only applied for shirts). It should also fit the neck.

There are thousands of ways to choose apparels in fashion magazines. Nevertheless, there are only few people who remember all of them. I think that the two factors of fabric and suitability are easy for you to remember. I also hope that mothers will be really confident when selecting boy smocked outfit after reading this entry.

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