Best smocked clothes for Halloween Days

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Halloween is coming! Have you chosen clothes for your angels? For baby girls, there is a variety of beautiful dresses you can choose from. So, what about the baby boy? What will they wear on Halloween? Today, I will introduce to you some special clothes for baby boys in this Halloween. Please read and catch the most beautiful design for your princes!

When shopping clothes for children you need to consider the comfort and safety for children. Don’t pay too much attention to the beauty! Let choose for boys

Pumpkin smocked shortall for baby boys – BC 467


A lovely pumpkin hand smocked shortall will be a great gift for little boys. Pumpkins are hand smocked on the chest will make clothes more attractive and cute. With lime green gingham, children will look so fresh. The button on the shoulder will help children dress easily. And simple design makes children easy in movement.

Pumpkin train smocked longall for the baby boy – BC 461


Cute baby boy longall is a good choice for mothers in this Halloween. Children will love smocked pumpkin train on the chest very much. Buttons on the shoulder and snap at the crotch help put on and take off easily. Lime green gingham is so suitable for baby boys and makes them look so lovely.

Boys owl appliqué clothing BC 372


Boy owl appliqué is a lovely set for baby boys on Halloween day. With owl appliqué on top, children look so special and lovely. The owl is also a symbol of Halloween. The perfect combination of white knit and black chevron will make little boys attractive and suitable for Halloween day.

Ghosts smocked boy clothing BC 375


Ghosts smocked boy clothing is a nice design for baby boys on Halloween day. Simple design with black gingham is suitable for children at Halloween night party. Ghosts are hand smocked on the chest will make children be more impressive.

Mickey smocked boy pants set – BC 371


This is also a lovely smocked set for baby boys on Halloween day. The simple design will make children easy to move and play. With the knit and black chevron, children look so lovely and active.

There are many nice designs for baby boys on Halloween days. Please visit website to update more special designs of children smocked clothes!




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